What Is an HPI Check?

If you’ve been searching to purchase a used vehicle, you may have seen the terms “HPI” and “HPI Clear” in automotive advertisements. But what precisely is an HPI check, and what does this mean?

Checking for physical issues like rust, dents, or scratches when purchasing a used car is relatively simple. However, a free car check is essential, more than a physical check to reveal a car’s past. It might have had a severe accident, been written off, had unpaid debt, logged mileage, or had other unreported problems.

How does an HPI check work?

Known as “Hire Purchase Investigation” a basic car history check, HPI stands for. What accomplishes an HPI check? With the help of our vehicle check, you can ensure the car you want to buy: hasn’t already been financed elsewhere, not severely damaged or written off due to an insurance claim.

An HPI check will verify the car’s manufacture, model, doors, present and past colours, and the number of owners. The seller should provide this information so you can verify the car’s authenticity. You might be unable to match the HPI check to the vehicle in front of you if it has fraudulent licence plates. Move away if this is the situation.

Is an HPI check 100% accurate?

The data will, of course, only be as accurate as how it has been reported, but our internal reporting indicates that it has an accuracy of over 99.9%. In other words, it’s extremely unlikely that the data is inaccurate.

Can I get a free HPI check?

The concept of a Free HPI Check does not exist; therefore, you should be cautious of any businesses that claim to provide this service. You can’t rely on a “Free HPI Check” for all the information you need to stay safe from car fraud.

Why do you have to pay for an HPI check?

Since ‘HPI checks’ are expensive regardless of where you purchase them, only vehicle dealerships will typically provide them to customers.

DVLA, police, finance, insurance company records, and any troubling information about the used car you’re buying will all be uncovered by check. This could enable you to learn whether the vehicle has any unpaid bills, whether it has been reported stolen, or whether the insurance has written it off.

Are all HPI checks created equal?

No, all HPI checks are not created equal. Checks on a vehicle’s history can differ in what they include and in price. You must ensure that the inspections you perform are thorough to receive the most value for your money.

What is HPI Clear?

A car, motorcycle, van, or other motorised vehicle registered in the UK that has undergone an HPI Check and shown no negative information has been filed against it is said to be HPI Clear. It provides complete peace of mind when purchasing a used car and is the ultimate sign of approval.

The contents of a Clear HPI Report

  • It is not subject to any active financing arrangements or loans.
  • Currently, it is not listed as stolen on the Police National Computer.
  • An insurance company has not categorised it as a total loss or write-off.
  • The DVLA has not recorded it as having been scrapped.
  • It displays accurate mileage figures that are consistent.

Additional checks should be made on the VIN/Chassis number and the V5C, often known as the logbook, to make sure a vehicle is completely HPI Clear. 

We strongly advise that you update it with the V5C/logbook number and the date of the issue following your check so that we can confirm it is the most recent issue and not part of a stolen batch. As some interests are registered against the VIN rather than the vehicle’s registration, we will also want the VIN or chassis number.

The car can only be certified HPI Clear when all of the aforementioned items have been tested and confirmed to be clear using an authentic HPI check.

The most thorough confirmation of a vehicle’s clean past is HPI Clear, which offers the customer comprehensive information.

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