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We examine a car’s hidden history as well as its future. This gives you the power to choose wisely as a buyer and prevents you from spending your time, effort, or money on shady vehicles and dishonest sellers.

Leading used Total Vehicle Check services in the UK

We’re listing the industry’s cheapest top 5 online vehicle check providers.

There are so many different complete car check services available. These include Total Car Check and Car Analytics; the vehicle check services they provide are compared below, along with the prices, to decide on the most complete and best value option.

Total Car Check in UK

Although they may not be the most well-known company offering vehicle histories and data checks, it offers basic details such as mileage and MOT history with its basic check. It claims to provide a Silver check starting from £1.99, but it is for 5 silver checks, whereas for one silver check, the customer has to pay £3.99 for a single basic check. 

The £8.99 complete check will inform you if it has been written off, has outstanding finance, was scrapped, had its VIN checked, was stolen, has a valuation, and comes with a £30,000 guarantee. The 5 band Car Valuation data is not covered by them in the basic check which becomes a sad part.

The inspections mentioned above range in price from inexpensive to free. But what exactly do you receive for your money when you get a full car check from these companies? For instance, many individuals hunt for the lowest HPI check, but it’s crucial to consider the service and what else is offered.

Here Is What Our Comprehensive Vehicle History Check Includes

The most thorough report available is provided by Cheapcarcheck, which covers all relevant information regarding any car in the UK. We offer trustworthy, in-depth perceptions into every detail, so you know what you’re dealing with.

The basic check is the best place to start because it costs only £1.99 and provides reasonable peace of mind. It contains information on how often the vehicle has changed hands/ownership, whether the licence plate or colour of the car has changed, whether it has been scrapped, and whether the VIN matches official records and 5 band valuation data, which makes a plus, among other complete car check providers.

The free data checks reveal 30+ data points, including MOT history details without registering with us, where Total Car Check requests a signup process to show this history.

The basic check report reveals 60+ data points, with latest statistics at just £1.99 including the car valuation details based on estimated mileage with part exchange, auction, trade average and more.

Best Value Comparison of Cheap Car Check with Total Car Check, Full Car Check, Car Analytics.

We are the MONEY SAVER when buying a used car in the UK.

Looking for an easy way to buy your next used car?

You need a vehicle’s registration number to get a full car check. Our goal is to assist used vehicle purchasers in making the best choice, whether from a private seller, or car dealer.

Amidst the decent service that Total Car Check provides, we provide buyers with a report that will:

  • Help you buy with confidence and negotiate for a better price, you’ll get the knowledge that others don’t.
  • Before purchasing a vehicle, look up the services it should have received.
  • Show you the most thorough vehicle history checks available in the UK and assist you in determining if the seller is genuine.

Frequently Asked Question

A free car check will verify with the DVLA the brand, model, door plan, current colour of the vehicle, gearbox type, engine size, and tax rates/co2 etc. It also reveals whether the car has a valid and current MOT, its MOT history, and any outstanding vehicle warnings you should be aware of before purchasing.

You can search for a particular licence plate online via the official website. Using DVLA’s services, you may quickly locate an active car number plate.It is also important to check if a vehicle has had any number plate changes which is revealed by a vehicle history report.

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