Free Car Check in the UK – 70% Saving

Many of you are looking to buy a used car and have just gone through the question, “How can I get a free car check report?”. Cheapcarcheck is here to help you out by offering a free vehicle history report in the UK for any vehicle instantly.

Suppose you thought you had a great deal on the used car you were supposed to buy. It’s not the right decision. You might have never purchased a vehicle before, so it can be challenging to know what questions to ask and what information to find out. 

Before you visit your local dealership, you should check a few things, you need a full car check, and we offer a range of other services that help when buying cars.

Only purchase a vehicle knowing its entire vehicle history. With our free car check, we can look into any car’s past and give you a detailed report. Avoid letting a small fine become a significant issue. 

Increase your confidence that your vehicle is safe to drive on the streets by using an easy, total car check service that only takes a few seconds to use.

What Information Do You Get in a Free Car Check?

Our vehicle history report includes the following;

  • Outstanding finance status
  • The complete MOT history review
  • The vehicle’s make, model, fuel type
  • Stolen records
  • Import/Export Verification
  • Changes to number plates 
  • The last V5C issued date

While various free vehicle checks may provide you with MOT history data, we’ll tell you how the car’s MOT is now doing and also show you which parts may need to be changed soon. 

You can comprehend a car’s future with Cheapcarcheck, not simply its history.

What Will an Hpi Check Tell You?

How can you tell if the car the seller describes is what you want? Well, an HPI check can be helpful in this situation.

An HPI check will reveal, among a wealth of other details, whether the vehicle you’re looking at has ever been stolen, scrapped, or written off.

When purchasing a used car, it is worth getting an HPI check because it offers valuable insight into its hidden history.

An HPI check will verify the car’s manufacture, model, doors, present and past colours, and the number of owners. This information is valuable for verifying the car is what it claims to be.

Hpi Clear Criteria:

A vehicle only qualifies as HPI Clear if the report reveals the following:

  • It is not subject to any active financing arrangements or outstanding loans.
  • It is not currently listed as stolen on the Police National Database, and no insurance provider has marked it as a total loss or write-off.
  • The DVLA has yet to record it as having been scrapped.
  • It displays accurate mileage figures that are consistent.

Are Free Vin Checks Accurate

The Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, plays a vital role in every vehicle’s accident and service history. This 17-digit number serves as a roadmap for a vehicle’s performance history. VINs are frequently used in vehicle history reports to give customers reliable data.

With a free VIN check, you can find out if the vehicle has ever been reported stolen or if it has ever been in an accident that resulted in a salvage title. 

We provide a £30,000 data guarantee on each free car check report we produce for your comfort, subject to specific criteria and conditions. 

Free Check Car for Accident History

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know whether a car has ever been in an accident. Some dishonest used car sellers fail to disclose it to their insurance providers.

In other words, there aren’t many ways to find out without an insurance record; it all depends on how well it was repaired. Most insurance companies will attempt to repair a car if the damage is minor.

Contrarily, private sellers are NOT required by law to disclose any damage, so it is highly recommended that you conduct your free car check. We will verify the whole write-off and insurance history of any UK vehicle, whether a car, bike, or van, for a one-time fee of £9.95, along with an outstanding finance check, scrapped car check, and so on.

The Data Source:

We obtain our information from the most reliable sources, such as the UK Police, insurance firms, the DVLA (vehicle data), the DVSA (MOT data and vehicle recalls), and the VCA (fuel consumption and CO2).


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